Chandraprabhu Jewellers

Logo Design and Collaterals


Sister concerns Bhoje & Chandraprabhu Jewellers from Kolhapur needed a new identity: Bhoje for Silver Jewellery and Chandraprabhu for Gold Jewellery. Both brands share a big 3 storey showroom – Hence they had to have separate identities, yet have a common thread between them.

The Chandraprabhu logo represents two hands that are also C & J alphabets holding the swastik, which is a symbol of trust and also a part of their earlier logo.

Since the element of trust and tradition were of utmost importance, we took the concept of Monograms symbolizing protective hands and added a separate element to each of them: Swastik for traditional gold and lotus for silver purity.

They loved the traditional yet corporate look.

The purple colour is common with Bhoje, but will orange accents

The logo is traditional keeping in mind their target audience