The Big Greece Party

The invitation box, coffee table book, pop-up itinerary book, personal stationery and many more


We created personalised branding, packaging and collaterals for a group of friends travelling to Greece. Each product had customised names of the receiver in silver foil.

Serene whites, mesmerising blues and classy silvers along with greek patterns were used to capture the flavour of Greece. The invitation box itself had amazing designed products with silver foil and watercolour edges. The itinerary was a pop up book.

To describe the project in one word: INDULGENCE!

The invite was a personalised box consisting of a complete set for travelling: Luggage tags + Flight Ticket, a personalized CD cover, Passport holder and an itinerary for the entire trip with a beautifully written letter.

The itinerary was in the form of a quirky pop-up book. The highlights of each day were used to create a lively experience with this interactive pop up book

We designed complete personalized stationery for each couple. Consisting of classy, delicate, Laser-cut envelopes, thankyou cards and best wishes cards

Coffee Table Book

Each section of the coffee table book was dedicated to a couple and their friendship along with the activities they were doing in Greece. So much fun!