The Creamery Bliss

Logo & Identity Design, Packaging Design, Menu & other collaterals.


Starting from nomenclature to logo to menu design and thank you notes, we created fresh looking designs for the wonderfully delicious, gelato brand – The Creamery Bliss.

Just like the handmade gelatos, we used handmade calligraphy. The blissful taste is represented with our zen colour palette and the love with which these are made is denoted by the simple heart.

P.s. Their Gelatos are out of the world (Just like their logo)

A clean, fresh and bright design approach for the gelato brand

The design language is fun, modern, soft and fresh created with the selection of colours, design elements, typography and layouts

We used the fresh authentic elements from their gelatos to create the interesting menu design

Blues, whites and golds to bring out the authenticity of the gelatos